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The real origin of God, Satan and the birth of Christianity

During the earliest times of Pagan societies and nature religions, the sun was considered the symbol for life and creation. The ancient people believed that when the sun gives off its energy, it’s giving IT'S life to US. They strongly believed that the sun (or GOD), the light of the earth is and “all salvation” because “HE” had risen in order to make living possible. He is therefore the “eternal savior”, translated to “Yahweh (YHWH), which is the only verified biblical name we know of God).

YHWH (Yahweh) in Hebrew
In all human existence, there has always been a struggle between the light and the dark. When the sun goes down and the darkness sets in, we cannot see very well. Humans naturally fear what they can’t visually perceive, we don’t know what is out there so we fear. When the SUN would SET (translates to sa’tan), it would get dark and dangerous. But when the SUN is on the HORIZON (Horus, translates to Jesus), it would be called THE SAVIOR or God.

This formed the early basis for the religions later to be conceived like Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

It all starts with the virgin birth of Mary, who most probably made up the story of being  impregnated by God so she would not be an communal outcast or even be stoned to death for being a teenage (she was 15 when Jesus of Nazareth was born), unwedded mother. Mary was most likely raped by a Roman soldier or another man, as there were tens of thousands of young girls / women in those days. Back then, raped girls and women were penalized much harsher than the abusers. Women were literally worth a sheep up to a few camels, extremely disrespected and often enslaved and abused.

But Mary would be more clever! She told a big fat lie and in effect started Christianity. She would have said to Jesus that he was in fact the son of God in order to keep the lie alive, so he grew up while really believing that God was his father.

Future Carpenter and Messiah
Joseph and Jesus
Jesus wasn’t lying when he said he was the son of God. Simply because he just believed what his mother told him, HE didn’t know any better! This whole thing inspired the sh*t out of Jesus and connected him to the universal collective unconscious, what he called the Holy Spirit.

That gave him the actual ability to channel all the truth and convince his followers through words and deeds. He looked for the truth in the present, because he believed God, his father, would try to communicate with him. Just thinking this opened up the door to the universal mind and the truths of life. Jesus was actually quite open-minded and brave!


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