Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Smart drugs... Not so smart after all?

Pills to boost your concentration, memory and mental abilities? Wow that sounds like a good solution to boost your productivity at work! Or to get better results from learning for an exam... But wait! Is it really that simple? Walk through this article with me before you decide to buy some of those smart drugs online, it may give you a total different perspective!

In recent years, smart drugs (or "mental stamina boosters" have become quite popular, especially among people who work a mentally demanding job and exam-year students. It sure is tempting, ordering a few smart drug pills online and quickly enhance your mental capabilities. And yes, doing this a few days before an exam does do the trick in most cases, and yes, your mental capabilities do get a boost by up to 20%. But there are also less good things to note about these smart drugs.


It's fairly easy to get addicted to smart drugs, both mentally as physically. Taking smart drugs for a longer period, then stopping will in most cases cause serious nausea, headaches, throwing up, increased appetite, bad moods and sleeping problems. These are the physical side-effects of stopping to take smart drugs, then you also need to cope with the mental ones, mainly the urge to take "one last pill". Resisting that urge is difficult, comparable with resisting a cigarette if you're quitting smoking. If you take smart drugs just for a few days these side-effects won't be so drastic, but you should remember, once you start taking them, it's very easy and very tempting to continue taking them.

Smart drugs ultimately make you lazy

This is a very important issue. See, when drugs start taking over certain functions your body is tasked to do, such as concentrate, focus, take effort to remember, organize and plan...then you own mind slowly forgets how to do it himself. It forgets to take the effort, it becomes lazy because the drugs make it so easy for the mind to function optimal, that when the smart drugs aren't there your mind suddenly has to work like a stream-train, and it's not used to do that anymore! Physical exercise builds muscles, and mental exercise builds your brain's capabilities. Rather stick to that philosophy is my personal opinion.

Smart drugs are illegal

Unless you have a proper prescription for Ritalin, Modafinil, Concerta, Provigil or other forms of smart drugs, they are ILLEGAL to buy, have and use. Don't think too light about this, nowadays the enforcing authorities are very active in tracking down and busting people who buy, keep and use smart drugs. This includes both online and offline. Drugs are unnatural chemical compounds that leave traces in your body and affect your entire well-being. Chemicals don't know the way to the place where they should do their job, they spread throughout your entire body and thus also affect other parts of your body, sometimes in good ways but more often in bad ways.

So on to the big question:

Can smart drugs boost my brain?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is no. Here's why...
Smart drugs give your brain, or rather the cognitive system a temporary boost. The longer you take smart drugs, the less effect they will have. So in effect you need to upgrade your dose after a month or two. Meanwhile the brain forgets how to work hard by itself, it becomes lazy. This means that in the end, your brain's capabilities ultimately decrease instead of increase. Now would you want that to happen?!

So take my advice and don't start using smart drugs, especially if you have high blood (dangerous combination) or are easy to get addicted. Thanks for reading, please like, share, +1 and comment if you appreciate my article :)


Lueoi Eystlui said...

ery interesting story! Smart drugs aren't so great after all eh?!

Gizzi Reynolds said...

nice post

Jim I said...

Most students and professionals are looking for an edge and just want to try drugs like modafinil. With much upside and little downside, why not?!

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